STAR WARS™ Identities: The Exhibition JAPAN Localization


STAR WARS™ Identities: The Exhibition JAPAN


Sony Music 

gsm project

what we did

Content Localization / Production / Edit / VFX / Color / Audio

Staff Credit

Original Production by X3 Productions/gsm Project


Agency: Ringmasters LLC 

Producer / Sound Designer / 2D Designer: Daigo Kawai

Editor/VFX/Color: Manu Michel

Vo Casting: Kana Aoi

Narration: Noboru Okamoto

Sydney Production

Production: MY Media Sydney 

Director: Mitchell McKay

Producer/DP: Mikki Young/

Lighting: Phillip Antonio Lemos

Faul & Wad – Tokyo (feat. vertue) / Spinnin’ Records


Post Production


Spinnin’ Records

what we did

Edit / VFX / Color

Staff Credit

Produced by: Adrià Ginger

Director: Adrià Ginger

DOP: Artem Skiy

Assistant camera: Gordon Pace

Production Assistant: Kyouka Komatsu

Editing, grading, SFX: Roman Kasei / Emmanuel Michel 

Actress 1: Nang Tracy

Actress 2: Lily Okubo