Globus Sensory Project


Large scale music production project for the high-class department store “Globus” a subsidiary of Switzerland’s leading trading company “Migro” with over 300,000 employees. Based on research resulting in the fact that store traffic is greatly influenced by music, weather and temperature, we proposed an “in-store music concept that can control customer service” to the client. Of 48 stores, 28 stores including Zurich’s flagship store had our concept introduced to them.

Weather information in each location, in-store customer traffic, BPM and other information was assembled on the programming patch “MAX.” Music composed of stems, or individual parts of each songs (drums, vocals, guitars, etc,) were provided and programmed into the “MAX” patch. The more traffic increased, so did the cash turnover rate; or when the weather was bad and there were few customers, the “MAX” would adjusted for all these factors.

To ensure high-quality music, Ringmasters recorded an orchestra in Bulgaria arranged to the songs in “MAX.” In total Ringmasters produced 36 songs (about 3 hours 30 minutes) involving ten musicians, vocalists, all suitable for a high-end luxury brand. In addition to that, Ringmasters curated of over 32 hours of songs on the market for Globus stores. 


Magazine zum Globus AG

Production Staff


Creative DirectorLukas Frei
Music ProductionRingmasters LLC
Music DirectorDaigo Kawai
MAX ProgrammersCourtney Reed
Jon Conciatori
Composers/OrchestratorVocalistsChloe Brooks
Daigo Kawai
Danny  McCarthy
Justin DiCenzo
Justin Frieden
Karin Tatoyan
Nahoko Kakiage
Ronny Gallegos
OrchestraSofia Solisten
ConductorPlamen  Djouroff
Orchestra CoordinatorTodor Mitrov
Recording StudioSofia Session Studio  (Sofia, Bulgaria)


Music Production / Orchestra Production / Max Programming